A Modern Twist on the Piña Colada

20 Mar

This drink is perfect with or without alcohol, so is great for splitting to make two separate batches at a party. It is a creamier version of the classic Piña Colada, with grapefruit juice for an extra kick.

6 parts pineapple juice

1 part grapefruit juice

2 parts coconut cream

2 parts double cream

1 part light rum (optional)

Shake with a generous scoop of crushed ice and serve in a cocktail glass.

To crush the ice yourself, scoop into a  freezer bag, wrap in a tea towel and wack with a rolling pin. Mighty fun!


One Response to “A Modern Twist on the Piña Colada”

  1. Jen March 26, 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    This is so good!! I made up a jug the night before then mixed in the ice before serving. Thanks for the recipe.

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