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Bourgois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara

1 May

A glamorous member of the Bourjois mascaras, claiming it ‘Curls & Doubles eyelash volume for an even more glamourous look’. The bottle is a little bit like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, and fantastically embodies the curves it claims to produce. Even the brush has a gradual curve, which can be held against the lashes to make them curl. The mascara produces long, shiny black lashes.

The mascara does not create outlandish volume, but it does sculpt the lashes into a lovely long curve. The formula dries quickly, so you can avoid those dreaded smudges (especially now the hay fever season has begun – I always manage to sneeze after applying mascara!)

The small, curved brush is not anything new, but nonetheless effective, for it is easy to use and coat  the lashes into the inner corners.

The mascara has waxes and silicon to make it last, which is does. This does not drift! Overall, a fabulous low price mascara that, for length and curl, easily compares to the competition.

£7.99 from Boots.