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Birdcage Walk Nails Inc. Review

2 May

The wisteria are blooming on the front of the house, the sun is out – albeit it a little windy – and the tennis season has begun. It is at the time of year that I fall in love again with pastel nail polishes.

Birdcage Walk (I like the name – but I don’t really get it – any thoughts?) is a French Manicure pastel pink, nude, pale – whichever description you may choose. It looks beautiful against a slightly tanned hand and transforms short nails into shiny, delicate beauties. In fact, this colour is the best to apply out of any I have had from Nails Inc; it’s a little thinner than most of their (slightly gloopy) darker colours and so brushes-on like a dream!

Pair the nail varnish with Kensington Caviar Basecoat, to ensure it applies smoothly and stays put. The basecoat also prevents any discolouration of your nails and makes the nail varnish last a bit longer. I quite often wear this basecoat alone, as it has a touch of pink within the clear, which makes your nails look darling.

The Top Coat, same brand, same name is a must as it maximizes shine and staying power.

Birdcage Walk is my all time favourite pale pink nail polish. Yummy.


OPI Nail Lacquers: Purple-Opolis and Florentine-Fushia

8 Feb

I got this cute little set from brandalley (see my Valenine’s post). The two nail varnishes come in a little bag, but it was the low price that really sold them for me! It was £10.50 for the set.

I tend to find that OPI nail varnishes are very thin and I never feel that one coat is enough. Although the thin consistency makes them very easy to apply, as does the larger brush and the finish is perhaps better than thicker polishes like Nails Inc they are not my personal preference. The pink lasted only a day with base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat. The red did better with three days is my favourite of the two. The colours are glorious and for the first day they do look sumptuously sleek and professional.

The red ‘Florentine Fushia’ is a vibrant cherry red. The pink has a silvery sheen through the colour.

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